Common xMII Interface Definition

The focus of Technical Committee 6 is to improve the applicability of existing xMII standards for Ethernet-based automotive networks with data rates of 100 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s. Moving towards standardized xMII specifications for the automotive industry is an important key factor for the successful introduction of Ethernet into automotive networks. It will encourage to ensure product reliability and interoperability as well as to reduce development time and costs.


The activities of TC6 are clustered into three work packages.

WP1: Start-up and Energy Saving
WP2: Electrical Signaling and EMC
WP3: Product Interoperability

The objective of ongoing activities is to capture relevant automotive requirements covering technical interface topics related to physical signaling, interface logic, timing, interface speed, EMC, temperature, robustness, interoperability, energy saving and costs. Within the work packages the group analyzes existing xMII standards to identify gaps and incompatibilities with regard to automotive networks.


TC6 works out a recommendation for preferred automotive xMII standards. The document specifies relevant interface enhancements covering automotive requirements.

For further information TC6 has published a position paper that can be requested via OPEN Alliance.